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Regular readers know we have been keeping track of Hillsborough and Polk County Sheriff's Departments using our Lawsuit Tracking App. See them below. However we just visited an interesting website that rates police officers and departments in Florida and other states. Here's a link to the Florida site  

There are no ratings for either Sheriff Judd or Sheriff Gee. So until there are, you can review legal actions in federal courts involving the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Polk County Sheriff's Office right below using our app.

According to, they got the names on the site from public records requests. "It is the hope of the site's founders that citizens and departments alike will use this powerful tool as a way of monitoring police performance. Officers who do their job well will receive the public attention they deserve." Rate My Cop has records of 207344 Officers and 16547 Departments.

The only Tampa Bay law enforcement agency that participates in the ratings process at  is the Tampa Police Department. We will be contacting that site to see why neither Sheriff Gee or Sheriff Judd are participating. Meanwhile,  You can review the ratings of the Tampa Police Department and its officers here.

"Prior to the launch of, people had no way to find or provide feedback about officers who are being paid by tax dollars."

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