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Pepper Spray Use | Video

Food Product or Weapon?
capsicum, OC gas,
Pepper Spray, OC spray,
Oleoresin Capsicum.
Tampa Civil Rights Attorney has obtained video where Fox News has called Pepper Spray a food product. According to one Wiki, "Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum"), OC gas, and capsicum spray, is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness) that is used in riot control, crowd control and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears."

The use of this chemical agent has increased along with the Taser and other non-lethal weapons. Protesters in the Occupy movement appear to be frequent targets.

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Arrested For Taping Police | Tarpon Springs

A Lawyer "who is one of the foremost First Amendment attorneys in the country, says it seems like a clear violation of civil rights."

An Attorney "who has won a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, says there is no real lawful reason for the officer to seize someone's camera or even threaten them with arrest."


Civil Rights | Arrest | Videotaping Police

Occupy Tampa Defense Attorney 813-222-2220

Occupy Tampa Defense Attorney Lawyer 813-222-2220

Live Feed Occupy Tampa

At Occupy Tampa #occupyws on Twitpic
Tampa Teen Sonny E. was live on-scene at Occupy Tampa on Saturday night. Peaceful Protest was underway all night.

iPhone iFrame Live Feed From 
Occupy Wall Street New York City

Occupy Tampa Gaslight Park 33602

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Google Earth Coordinates

+27° 56' 53.99", -82° 27' 31.53"


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Civil Rights | Qualified Immunity | Section 1983

Section 1983 Civil Rights
Qualified Immunity 
During research on Civil rights claims against Law enforcement officers in Search and seizure cases we found a case deciding on Qualified immunity of officers where free speech claims are made.

In this case, the Plaintiffs alleged they were peacefully demonstrating. Cops were “herding” demonstrators, using batons to beat unarmed demonstrators. Officers and soon-to-be defendants were spraying pepper spray, firing bean bags, pepper spray balls, tear gas, and other weapons. The court ruled that the Police chief, deputy chief, and captain violated clearly established law in their supervisory capacities. The court found the supervisors had directed their subordinates to use less-than-lethal weapons to disperse a crowd at a public demonstration and then subsequently failed to stop that conduct.

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Source: 22 Fla. L. Weekly Fed. C565a

Update: Prosecutor Tosses Cop Watcher Case

Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Mike Maddux and I had a nice afternoon with Emmy Winning decorated investigative journalist Mike Deeson in Tampa today. Mike Deeson reports every Thursday night on 10 Connects News at 11.

Update: Cops settle Copwatch Case - Congrats to Michael P. Maddux and William Kilgore.

Mr. Deeson also Reports that the Pinellas / Pasco State Attorney's Office has tossed the case against the Cop Watchers (See Video Below).

Our previous coverage of the Cop Watchers:

Documentary | Copwatch: These Streets are Watching

Documentary | Copwatch: These Streets are Watching

Tampa Civil Rights and Defense Attorney Michael P Maddux has recently reviewed a case where there was a Drug Bust on Video. The citizen photographer was arrested. Criminal Defense issues will be was there a Search Warrant, Probable Cause, or Consent to Search? The video mentions a "warrant", but the police office claims consent to search the vehicle.

Civil Rights issue will be can the police arrest a citizen reporter recording police actions on a city street? What do you think?

View Copwatch: These Streets are Watching | For Free
Length 53:15

"Copwatch is a network of United States and Canadian volunteer organizations that "police the police". Copwatch groups usually engage in monitoring of the police, videotaping police activity, educating the public about police misconduct, and advocating for more accountable law enforcement practices" 

Source Wikipedia |

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Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Central Breath Testing Video DUI Shows Rough Handling of Suspects

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Central Breath Testing DUI Shows More Rough Handling of Suspects. Sheriff's Office calls it "Ambulance Chasing." 

To defend them as they deserve and not allow them to be embarrassed in the media says the Sheriff? Tell us your Thoughts. Mike Deeson Reports.

Federal Lawsuits Involving Sheriff David Gee