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Florida Super Lawyers 2010 - Tampa Civil Rights Lawyer
Tampa Civil Rights Attorney, Lawyer W.F. ''Casey'' Ebsary, Jr. has once again named to the new list of Florida Super Lawyers 2010. The final list represents, at most, 5 percent of the  lawyers in the state. Casey is also Board Certified by the Florida Bar. A group that comprises less than 1/2 of 1 percent of Florida Attorneys.

''It is absolutely clear from this record that [Super Lawyer does]  not permit a lawyer to buy one's way onto the list, nor is there any  requirement for the purchase of any product for inclusion in the lists  or any quid pro quo of any kind or nature associated with the evaluation  and listing of an attorney or in the subsequent advertising of one’s  inclusion in the lists.'' According to one State Supreme Court.


Florida Super Lawyers 2010 - Tampa Civil Rights Attorney

Police Beating? Tell Us What You Think

Tampa Police Department,  42 USC Section 1983 


Attorney Michael P. Maddux, a Tampa Civil Rights Attorney sent me this amazing piece of video from a night out in Tampa's Ybor City in Florida.

December 2013 Update: City of Tampa voted to pay $165,000 for this.

Your Thoughts? Call Michael and tell him what your think. 813-253-3363 .

Hillsborough County Defense Attorney on Surveillance

Hillsborough County Attorney - Lawyer in Tampa, Florida noticed that the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will be using  Surveillance Camera systems to monitor an entire Florida neighborhood. According to sources they will use twenty (20) remotely monitored video cameras to watch the streets near the University of South Florida (USF) . According to Sheriff's Major J.R. Burton, speaking to the Tampa Tribune,  "I hate to use the anecdote 'It's like shooting fish in a barrel,' but it is . . . ." 


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Hillsborough County Defense Attorney - Lawyer on Video Surveillance Cameras

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Hiding Evidence at Hillsborough DUI Central Breath Test Unit

Tampa Hillsborough County Civil Rights Attorney, Lawyer W.F. ''Casey'' Ebsary, Jr. contunues to monitor efforts by law enforcement to prevent suspects from having all evidence collected after their DUI arrest. As we previously reported here several times, Sheriff David Gee has things in his jail that he prefers to remain unseen. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office HCSO solution: Get the Cameras Out!

Here is another video report as we continue to monitor and follow Sheriff David Gee and his office.

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Hiding Video Evidence at Hillsborough DUI Central Breath Test Unit?