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Concerned Citizen in Disney World

"It would all be a lot easier if this were a dictatorship. (heh- heh), Of course, I would have to be the dictator! (heh-heh-heh)"

President George W. Bush

Well, he isn't far from being a dictator. The first Amendment provides for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, yet the President 'feeds' (and pays) the press here and in Iraq with his own 'versions' of good news. Armstrong Williams got $250,000 of taxpayer money to sell (as news) the President's Social Security reform and 'No child left behind'. The 'Lincoln Group' is getting millions of our dollars to tell Iraqis how great our occupation is for them.

Now, our rights to question these actions are being watched by 'Big Brother'. The President, supported by his favorite puppet Condi Rice, and now Alberto Gonzales (US Attorney General), say it is okay for the CIA to spy on US citizens, without cause or due process, in order to protect our security.

I may be okay with spying on known, or suspected terror cells, in the US, but what is it that makes a group of US citizen Christians holding a peaceful meeting in a Quaker meeting hall in Mass, a threat to national security? We may never know but their 4th amendment rights, against illegal search and seizure, have certainly been taken away, as they are on the watch list.

I am going to Disneyworld, so I will see you after the holidays.

PEACE and Impeachment!

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