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A Compilation of Information on the White House Excluding Citizens from Taxpayer-Funded Events

Memo from The Denver Three

"A Compilation of Information on the White House Excluding Citizens from Taxpayer-Funded Events


by The Denver Three

In recent days, many new and important details have been revealed in the Denver and national media about the March 21 incident at a presidential event involving us. In the interest of tying together many loose details reported in recent days and weeks, we compiled some documentation you may find useful."

The Jesus Factor

By Ivan Saltz

MIAMI, FL - The White Orchard Theater Company decided to rent a theatre at Florida International University (FIU). FIU has a degree program in dramatic arts. They have a large stage in North Miami.

After weeks of rehearsals, the show opened. Then the University closed the show when it scheduled a church group into the space instead of the theatre. Evidently, the state-owned theatre is more useful as a state-owned church.

It is now clear what was really meant by Bushs' "faith-based initiative": YOUR tax-supported State "educational" institutions are being used to house evangelical missions. Theater? No. Church meeting? Yes.

Instead of analytical discourse by a recognized classical philosopher like Leo Tolstoy, we get a private church preaching on State property. That's your "faith-based initiative" under the Bush regime. The Republican's mission is to slowly but surely destroy the educational processes of our country. Ultimately, they want to make sure that our youth are uneducated and unable to think analytically, so that they, the Republicans, can raise a nation of dumb cows that can be milked to feed the machine.

Our colleges and universities were once the bastion of independent thought. Now, under State guidance, they toss out philosophy, controversy and discourse - and install the bible-thumpers. God help our children. They'll need it.

Kerry Supporters Arrested at Bush Rally Sue Law Enforcement

Kerry Supporters Arrested at Bush Rally Sue Law Enforcement

"IOWA CITY -- Two women who were arrested at campaign rally for President Bush last fall and strip-searched at a county jail say law enforcement officers conspired to violate their constitutional rights.
Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson are suing the U.S. Secret Service and three of its agents, the Iowa State Patrol and two patrolmen, and Linn County.
The two women, both school teachers in their 50s, were among scores of people who were arrested, removed or barred from Bush rallies last year for wearing shirt or buttons favoring his Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry, or for vocally criticizing the president. "

Protester Arrest Made at Coulter Speech

"Arrest made at Coulter speech

By Yashoda Sampath
Daily Texan Online

Incessant heckling and shouting culminated in an arrest Tuesday night during a speech by Ann Coulter, an extreme right-wing pundit, at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.

Shouts became so pervasive during the question-and-answer session that Coulter informed the organizers she would no longer take questions if the hecklers were not silenced. For a time, the shouts were considerably lessened, until the issue of gay marriage was broached."

Republicans Join Protest Zone

By Alan Elsner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a rare show of discontent with the White House, 41 congressional Republicans have signed a letter protesting President Bush's plan to sharply cut spending on an anti-drug program.

The 41 House of Representatives Republicans joined 59 Democrats in signing the letter, given to Reuters on Friday, which asked top House budget writers to reject the cuts.